Feature Friday: Barbara Lorson

Feature Friday —

This week we are featuring our 2019 HOF Marathon Women’s Division Champion Barbara Lorson. Lorson ran a time of 2:59:51(6:52 per mile) in our marathon last spring and is looking to make another appearance in 2020.

“I would like to do the HOF Marathon,” Lorson said. “ It is definitely on my to do list for 2020.” 

After racing a challenging, humid marathon last week at the Akron Marathon, Lorson has completed a total of 17 marathons.

“Akron was my 17th marathon,” Lorson said. “It was hotter than everyone anticipated but I was pleased to be right under 3 hours.” 

Making her first marathon debut back in 2004 at the Columbus Marathon, Lorson shared some insight she has gained in becoming an experienced marathon runner.

“My sons have grown up in this running environment and have witnessed my growth,” Lorson said. “One phrase I’ll borrow from my son is “Know your pace, run your race”. I have learned to challenge myself and push through while also knowing my fitness and being mindful of how my body reacts to certain race paces.” 

Completing her 17th marathon, Lorson is looking forward to the down time from training and utilizing this recovering cycle to watch her sons' race. 

“At the moment I am focusing now on running with the kids and watching them grow,” Lorson said. “We have a few 5ks and 10ks lined up as a family and I am looking forward to using this time to recharge for the next training cycle.” 

-Get to know the long distance runner-

High school - Orrville High School
College - The Ohio State University
Job Occupation - Dietitian
Age - 38
Next Race - Next marathon plan is HOF Marathon

Half Marathon or Marathon - Marathon
Fall or Spring - Fall for running!
Running2win or Strava - Neither :-)
Facebook or Instagram - Facebook
New Balance or Brooks - New Balance
Adidas or Nike -  Nike 
Track and Field or Cross Country - I am a track girl at heart
Football or Soccer - My boys are converting me to soccer
Gatorade or Body Armor - Gatorade
Continuous tempo or Mile repeats - Continuous Tempo
Coffee or Tea - Neither!
Warm up music? - I don’t listen to anything but the birds:-)


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