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Training Tuesday with Tina: Awareness

First Step-- Awareness
Oftentimes when we are setting a goal for ourselves, whether it is a short term or long term goal, we tend to aimlessly make goals without considering our current state. Where are we at in the current process?
Having self awareness from our past, present and the hopeful future (these are our goals) will help us be more realistic with setting goals and also create the suitable action to follow.
Specifically when it comes to training for races like the half or full marathons, we first have to acknowledge our current state of fitness. Are we starting from scratch or are we somewhere in the middle of our training process?
Knowing this will ultimately set you up for success and help you determine the proper action to take in your training process.Belief determines action. When we have a goal and analyze our current selves we then can create a plan. 
Although, it is important to know that self awareness doesn’t stop there. Being mindful of yourself during the entire traini…

Feature Friday: Nik Schweikert

This week's "Feature Friday" is on our Kickoff 5K champion Nik Schweikert. Schweikert won the 5K race in a time of 15:38. 
Taking 4 years off from the competitive world and only training consistently for the last 3 months, Schweikert is looking to make another go at his running career.
“In the last 4 years, I’ve ran about 200 miles,” Schweikert said. “When I was competitive running that was over a 2 week timeframe. So in 4 years doing what I use to do in 2 weeks essentially, so for sure took time away.”
According to the former Pioneer standout, taking time away from running was essential due to coaching and putting his main focus on growing a family. 
“Coaching football and basketball made it easy to say I didn’t have time for it. Also having three kids during that time shifted focus and priority.” 
With some encouragement from an old running friend, Schweikert found himself signing up for the Jackson Night Glow. 
“How it all came about really was Tony Migliozzi convinced me …